How To: Mount Windows Vista Backup Image (VHD)

For the process of "Windows 7" testing, it make me need to backup data of my previous system (Windows Vista) before install Windows 7. And I've chosen "Backup and Restore" utility which came with Vista

And the problem is, I didn't copy some using files from previous system before backup so when I've finished install Windows 7 I have no my personal files anymore.

I've tried to restore Backup File to Virtual System but It does not work.
After spend an hour with Google, finally, I've found the solution.

Windows Vista has backup its complete PC in VHD image file and this image file can be use with Microsoft Virtual PC but if you have no Virtual PC software and it still has another solution by using Microsoft Virtual Server 2005 R2

The Virtual Server 2005 can be download for free from Microsoft web site.

After install the virtual server 2005, you will got VHDMount.exe for mounting VHD image with this command

VHDMount.exe /m [File Path]\[File Name] [Drive Letter]

such as

VHDMount.exe /m "D:\VistaBackup.vhd" M

If you mount it in Windows Vista, you need to update driver of mounted VHD file and it work well without special task to do in Windows 7

After that, you can access new virtual drive as local drive.


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